The first generation of titan series Decoders will be come to market in next mount
Pentatranspack DVB-S to DVB-S2 converter comes to market
PentaStream systems
The company starts its activity in 2006 in order to combine TV broadcasting technologies with Data communications technology and its first aim was to introduce professional applications for video transmission over internet backbone with consideration to image quality that video broadcasters need for their customer today, also we are not so old experienced company in the market but our R&D department succeeds to introduce plenty of power full and cost effective products and solutions that can open new windows for broadcasters in the field of ISG internet news gathering and live programs and TV conferences between many participants in all over the word via internet connections.
today's hundreds of our products are working in more that 80 broadcasting companies and their reporters are sending their live news and reports from all over the word to their broadcasting office via internet network
Today’s our power full R&D team main aim is to introduce new methods and algorithms in order to transfer live MPEG-4 and H-264 AVC signals over very bad quality internet links (high jitter and delay links) and double hop satellite links without any problem in final received video