The first generation of titan series Decoders will be come to market in next mount
Pentatranspack DVB-S to DVB-S2 converter comes to market
Nanopack series Decoders

Nanopack series Decoders


The Nanopack series Decoders family provides the most compact, flexible and scalable decoding solution today on the market for the best price per channel.

The Nanopack series decoders fits any multi-reception and multi-decoding application through a wide range of layer 4 protocols, IP and Telco Network receivers, CAM descramblers, and decoders supporting H.264 and MPEG-4formats with analog composite outputs.

Four versions of chassis are available to decode up to 8 channels in 1U rack, or 16 channels in 2U rack, or 32 channels in 5U rack and one channel on simple desktop chases

These products are ideally suited for:

  • Any Broadcast & Professional Television Application
  • Multi-channel decoding
  • Multi-transponder Reception
  • Multi-Monitoring - Multi-Vision systems

Key Features

  • Configurable number of Tuners as DVBS/S2 - ATSC - DVBT - DVBC - ISDBT - DMBT
  • Configurable number of Multi-Programs CAM Descramblers
  • Configurable number of Multi-Format HD/SD decoders

Each decoder module has:

  • Ethernet  input, 32Kbps  up to 4 Mbit/s rates
  • 10/100 BT RJ45 copper IP streaming input - UDP/RTP/TCP
  • Composite Video out, compatible to any LCD or TV set
  • Decoding 1 mono audio channel per each decoder