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Nanopack series Encoders


PentaStream nanopack series encoder

The PENTASTREAM NANOPACK SERIES ENCODER is the third generation H.264 SD encoder engineered to provide full DVD-quality experiences within less than 1 Megabit/s rates and in a very small dimension not so bigger than a cell phone, small dimension of this series of encoder enables for these series the capability of mobility for direct transferring of the encoded video or audio signals via a simple internet connection or any other intranet  network to broadcasting site.

The new PENTASTREAM NANOPACK SERIES ENCODER is based on the ultimate H.264 real-time multi-pass algorithms joined to the most advanced processing technology, delivering low-latency compression performances and perfect picture quality at full-resolution with the lowest bitrates.

Aggressively priced, The PENTASTREAM NANOPACK SERIES ENCODER is built to succeed to any application where reliability, cost, quality and bitrate reduction
are most wanted.

These products are ideally suited for:

  • Broadcast Operations and Professional operations specially for live international news conference and a power full solution for SNG applications and transferring video programs over internet/intranet to broadcasting studios from remote sites
  • Hospitality, Education, Military & high performance security systems


  • H.264 AVC Real-Time video compression
  • Video Bitrates from 64Kilobit/s to 8 Megabit/s
  • VBR / Modes
  • support for Base Profiles
  • Mono  audio input
  • Analog Composite and Y/C video inputs
  • Audio Compression as Layer 2 / AAC-LC / AAC-HE /
    or Compressed Audio Pass-Through
  • IPTV Streaming output over dedicated RJ45 copper port
  • Urgent/Non-Urgent Alarm output from 15 pin D-Type connector