The first generation of titan series Decoders will be come to market in next mount
Pentatranspack DVB-S to DVB-S2 converter comes to market
BD-Series PentaStream Decoders


The PENTASTREAM DB-SERIES DECODER is a modular and expandable multi-format HD/SD

Integrated receiver decoder ( IRD ) made to satisfy any application from the basic cost-effective monitoring ones to  the broadcast contribution and redistribution operations.

All H.264 and MPEG-2 HD/SD formats are supported as standard, as well all MPEG-2, AAC and multi-channel audio decoding or down mix.

This receiver fits from one to 5 different internal tuner modules also mixed between satellite, terrestrial, cable covering full range of possibility as also diversity and redundancy applications.

Multiple ASI and IP streaming inputs comes as standard, supporting up to 214 megabits per each coax port and up to 800 megabit/s of multicast- unicast network data.

The PENTASTREAM DB-SERIES DECODER comes with two broadcast-grade composite video outputs selectable as NTSC, all PAL, all SECAM, allowing the Automatic Format Detection and downscaling of any HD/SD signal to the selected output format, including selectable or full VBI and signaling reinsertion.

The HDMI 1.3 with embedded audio allows easy and professional monitoring to any-size DVI-D, HDMI LCD & PLASMA TV or Display up to the True FULL-HD format 1080 & 720
Also SD programs are automatically scaled to the selected HDMI format with Automatic Format Detection.

Two digital SDI outputs can be added as option, with the ability to select the target HD/SD format and the 4 stereo embedded audios as decoded, down-mixed or pass-through.

Other available accessories includes :

  • FULL TRANSPONDER CAM DESCRAMBLER that fits up to two CAM modules and smart cards with the ability to descramble simultaneously all the programs of a complete incoming transponder
  • IPTV STREAMING OUTPUT up to gigabit rates, allowing multicast and unicast of selectable programs and pids to the wanted IP-PORT destinations for world-compatibility to any existing IPTV set top box and media player PC software.
    Pro-Mpeg Fec can be activated on any stream to fit any extranet network routing and point-to-point transfer applications

All the PENTASTREAM DB-SERIES DECODER features are controlled via the front panel keyboard and display, as well from remote thought WEB browser via secure user name and password logins or SNMP with traps.

This product is ideally suited for :

  • Cost-Effective Composite Video & HDMI Multi-Format Monitoring of any HD/SD Mpeg2-H.264 channel
  • Satellite/Terrestrial/Cable to IPTV streaming to set top box and player software
  • Broadcast Contribution & Re-Distribution via Full-Broadcast HD/SD SDI embedded
  • Multi-Tuner & Diversity operations
  • Broadcast, Professional, Mission-Critical operations

Base Unit Key Features

  • Decoding of any MPEG-2 HD & SD 4:2:0
  • Transport Stream Input via Two I/O ASI Connections
  • MPTS/SPTS Transport Stream Input via Two 10/100/1000 IP Streaming RJ45 ports, up to 800 Megabit/s rates, unicast/multicast, IGMP, SAP, UDP, RTP, RTSP and also Pro-Mpeg-Fec
  • Automated change-over between All incoming Transport stream and services for redundancy and diversity operations
  • Transport Stream Output via ASI Connections
  • Two Analog Composite Video outputs supporting world-standard NTSC, PAL, SECAM
    HD signals are automatically downscaled to SD and outputs simultaneously to all other outputs

  • HDMI 1.3 with embedded audio output to connect any HDMI or DVI-D LCD / Plasma TV or display with seletable resolution up to True FULL-HD 1080 / 720.
    All SD7HD signal are automatically scaled to the selected HDMI resolution via the Automated Format Detection.
  • Simultaneous Video output from all Video ports with automated Up/Down scaling where needed
  • Two Stereo Analog Audio Pairs available as Analog unbalanced, balanced and AES EBU ( decoded or pass-through )
  • Audio Decoding and down mix of up to 4 stereo pairs including all MPEG-1 Layer I & II and all AAC+ LC/HE.
    Support for audio format and compression also custom ones via free on-field software upgrade
  • Selectable compressed Audio Pass-Through via AES-EBU and SDI embedded
  • Activable On-Screen Character Generator for Tally Display Applications or on-screen alarming
  • Simultaneous High Speed 422 ( up to 20 megabit/s ) and Low Speed 232 Data output from selectable PIDs
  • Alarm I/O connection with U/NU Relays plus stand-By and PA pause inputs
  • Full SNMP remote control and SNMP Traps
  • Front Panel and Browser Control via secure login

Options :

  • Decoding of any H.264 SD profiles
  • Decoding of any H.264 HD profiles
  • Up to FIVE TUNERS also mixed between Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable
  • Dual HD/SD SDI out with 4 stereo embedded and Full VBI
  • CAM FULL Descrambler -up to 24 services simultaneously
  • IP streaming output to any Set Top Box and player
    up to 800 Megabit/s rates, unicast/multicast, IGMP, SAP, UDP, RTP, RTSP and also Pro-Mpeg-Fec
  • Transport Stream Remultiplexer to output only wanted Services and PIDs to the ASI outputs, with full table re-creation, PCR restamping and SI injection.
  • Transport Stream and PIDs Analyzer with ETR290 alarming
  • 4:2:2 profiles decoding
  • Biss-0/1/E descrambling & rescrambling
  • Audio 3 & 4 + Y-Pb-Pr or RGB video out and genlock in
  • 48VDC power supply
  • G.703 TX-RX Network ports